My Brutally Honest Alpha Levo IQ Review – Mind Control Power?

Hey Guys! So I wanted to review a product today can supposedly give you super brain power. It's called Alpha Levo IQ from the supplement company called Edge Bioactives and it's suppose to give you be able READ PEOPLE'S MINDS! Okay, probably not. But if you've seen the Limitless Movie, it can probably help you get about 1/10th of this superpower. It'll help you get and STAY super focused and your brain will just be VIBRATING on another frequency. I can attest because I have tried it myself :) If you want to skip this boring review and just grab the bottles: Then Click Here to Have the Size of Einstein's Brain ONE THING to clear things up: You just CANNOT increase your IQ points by 200 by swallowing a few nootropic brain pills. HOWEVER, if you combine these pills with a great diet and awesome lifestyle, you can DEFINITELY [...]