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Today, I want to talk about a subject, a product more specifically that I am HIGHLY passionate about. The product is called Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pilon. He is probably one of the first people who has made this incredible intermittent fasting craze popular, and this is my review of this great product.

And THANK GOD he did. Because this thing JUST WORKS!

I’ll go over every atomic detail, but first download the product here:

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So there are probably TWO BIG QUESTIONS you are wondering about:

HOW does it work, WHY does it work so well, and HOW do I do it?

Let me answer all of them for ya.

HOW does eat stop eat work?

Let me explain this VERY SIMPLY in 3 steps:

1. You fast for 24 hours
2. You eat “regularly” for 48 hours
3. You fast for 24 hours
4. Rinse and repeat

There are many variations to this intermittent fasting lifestyle, but this is the jist of how the so-called “diet” works.

WHY does EAT STOP EAT work, and why does it work so well?

There are many reasons, but let me explain it to you in two ways.

One: The simple version.

Two: The more scientific, evolution theory, and intricate version.

You choose which one you want to read. OR you can read both 🙂


It works because when you are in a “FASTED” state, your body has no new nutrients to feed on, SO, in order for it to get you energy, it goes for your stored FAT RESERVES FIRST.

Now, if you are in a fasted state TOO LONG, it’ll eventually go after muscle. But the eat stop eat book will tell you how long is too long, and how short is too short.

So for example, let’s say you have fasted for 24 hours (this diet is also known as the 5 2 diet). When you have fasted for this long, your body WANTS nutrients and energy, so it naturally uses your stored fat to create this.

THUS, resulting in FAT LOSS. WITHOUT doing ANYTHING!

ALSO, another logical explanation is this:

Say you are on a 2,000 calorie daily diet. Let’s not use the word diet, I hate that word.

Let’s try that again:

Say you EAT 2,000 calories a day.

If you have been fasting for 24 hours, that is 0 calories that you have had that day. ZERO.

And if you look at it from a WEEKLY perspective, accounting the fact that you fast two times a week, that would be two ZERO calorie days.

So on a typical “regular” persons week, it would look like this:

2,000 calories a day X 7 days = 14,000 calories a week.

A typical intermittent fasting diet persons week would look like this:

0 calories days (2) + 2,000 calorie days (5) = 10,000.

If you divide 10,000 by 7 to get your average “daily” calorie intake that amounts to:

1,429 (rounded up mind you) calories a day.

That’s LESS THAN going on a diet of 1,500 CALORIES!


AND you can eat REGULARLY, as in REGULAR food you eat.


Not only are your BURNING FAT because you’re body is going after your fat reserves in a fasted state,

You are also eating LESS on a weekly basis.


This is called a WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN Situation.

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This way of lifestyle is also called the 5 2 diet. Which is famous in the UK.

Okay, I’m going to be referring stuff from the actual eat stop eat book and some of these are going to be Brad Pilon’s idea and not necessarily mine.

Let’s take a look at an evolution example:

Say for example, it is 20,000 BC, in times when you have to hunt, fish or gather your food.

Let’s say a hunter has caught a huge animal and picked all the berries the forest had to offer and shared it with his tribe people to eat.

They ate all of it in one day, because they didn’t know a good way to preserve meat back then (just for examples sake).intermittent fasting

Since all the meat is gone and no more berries to pick, the tribe has no choice but to move on and search for more food.

Which means that they were probably in a FASTED state for as long as their next “catch” is.

Based on this, it seems pretty logical to say that is the way our bodies were designed to function.

NOW, take a look at today’s society.

There is food EVERYWHERE, if you live in a first world country.

We eat so much and so frequently, that our bodies have to store it as FAT to use it for later.

Now, for the scientific part.

I’m not going to explain ALL the scientific facts of the eat stop eat lifestyle, but I’ll explain a few.

One of the things I want to explain is INSULIN levels.

When your insulin levels are HIGH, you are in storing fat mode.

Also, you are UNABLE to release fat from your fat reserves when your insulin levels are HIGH.

Just remember that when your insulin is HIGH your fat ain’t going NOWHERE.

NOW, studies have shown that fasting for even as little as 24 hours reduces insulin levels DRASTICALLY!

Take a look at the chart:

eat stop eat insulin levels

And here are words from Brad Pilon himself:

“In other words, a 24-hour fast has a more dramatic effect on reducing insulin than all of the insulin based diets, like low-carb or frequent meal timing, could ever hope to have. If you actually want to bring your insulin levels down, the best tool you have is short term fasting.”

Here are also some of the MANY health benefits of fasting in the short term:

• Decreased body fat & body weight
• Maintenance of skeletal muscle mass
• Decreased blood glucose levels
• Decreased insulin levels & increased insulin sensitivity
• Increased growth hormone levels
• Decreased food related stress

And much, much, much, MORE!!

My thoughts, experiences and tips using the Eat Stop Eat Lifestyle

First things first:



Growth Hormone

Which means, most diets cause you to lose weight, but THEN after a year, most people gain that loss right back and sometimes even more!

What’s the point in that!

This is something more long-term. A LOT MORE LONG TERM.

AND THE BEST THING about this 5 2 “diet”eat stop eat table of contents


The very first time I did it, I admit, I got a little hungry.

But here is a very crucial tip:

DO STUFF while fasting.

Get to work. Exercise. Go out with friends (but don’t eat). Write. Read.

Whatever you have to do to get your mind off food.

It really isn’t that hard. And it’s definitely better than eating 1000 calories a day for months on end, where you EAT BUT ARE STILL HUNGRY. That’s the worse.

Also, I notice that when I start my fast, and when I get into that hungry state, I GET LAZER, SUPER, INTESIVE FOCUS AND CONCENTRATION.

Brad Pilon had a scientific explanation for this in the Eat Stop Eat ebook.

This is the simple explanation:

Because you’re body is wanting food, it releases hormones that activate the “fight or flight” symptoms in your body.

The reason your body does this, is because your body is HUNGRY so it wants food. And how did our evolutionary ancestors get food in the past? They either got it from plants, tree, etc, or they hunted or fished.

So in order for your body to become better at hunting or fishing or looking out for food, it releases these hormones and activates fight or flight.

Which makes you get into a SUPER CONCENTRATED mode and you can basically write an entire novel in 4 hours (kidding).

So from my experience, it is a win-win situation.


Also, from my experience, it doesn’t matter when you start your fast.

You can start your fast at night after your last meal,


You can start your fast in the morning AFTER your first meal.

They both work equally well.


For me personally,

I have to excrete and use the toilet right away after a 24 hour fast AND a BIG meal to break my fast.

So, if it’s your first meal after a fast, and if it’s a BIG meal, eat next to a bathroom 🙂

Well, at least for me that’s been the case.

Ok, David

So, HOW do I use EAT STOP EAT aka the 5 2 diet aka the BEST way to lose weight AKA super, limitless like pill concentration?

You can start by getting the book here:

Click here to download the Book that started this HUGE FASTING PARADIGM!

It’s only 10 bucks, and it’s the best 10 bucks you’ll spend on a “diet” book. I SWEAR!

Also, you might look into the extras that it comes with.

You ESPECIALLY want to get the Eat Stop Eat Optimized extra as it’s REALLY useful info.

Ok, that’s it for now. THANK YOU so much for reading, and WELCOME to the EASIEST weight loss lifestyle in the world. 🙂

Talk to ya soon,


I give this my HIGHEST Rating Ever: