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So I wanted to review a product today can supposedly give you super brain power. It’s called Alpha Levo IQ from the supplement company called Edge Bioactives and it’s suppose to give you be able READ PEOPLE’S MINDS!

Okay, probably not.

But if you’ve seen the Limitless Movie, it can probably help you get about 1/10th of this superpower.

It’ll help you get and STAY super focused and your brain will just be VIBRATING on another frequency. I can attest because I have tried it myself 🙂

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ONE THING to clear things up:

You just CANNOT increase your IQ points by 200 by swallowing a few nootropic brain pills.

HOWEVER, if you combine these pills with a great diet and awesome lifestyle, you can DEFINITELY notice a difference in level of focus and creativity

AND it will not happen overnight. Or even in a week. I’d say that after I’ve taken the pills for about a month or so, I started reaping the rewards.

I would be writing and working for 8 hours straight with maybe just a few bathroom breaks.

Of course, don’t go working 8 hours straight, I’m just a little crazy and overachiever like that 🙂

Oh yeah, and if you don’t know what Limitless is, then check out the trailer to see why people are calling it the “Limitless Pill”

My Super Crazy Experience with Alpha Levo IQ

So, I was new to this so-called “Nootropics” subject, but I really wanted to up my focus and up my concentration so I could do better work.

So, just like you probably, I was on the fence about buying the product or not. But I said, “LET’S DO IT” and ORDERED.

I started taking them every single day, and didn’t really notice much for about a month, which I almost gave up.

BUT I started to notice that I would just get DROWNED in my work.

You know those states where you are so focused and “in the zone” that there could be grenades going off next to you and you wouldn’t notice because you are so focused.


It was pretty crazy and still is pretty crazy because I still TODAY have this type of focus.

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Alpha Levo IQ Super Ingredients

ingredients of alpha levo

How Alpha Levo IQ Works

So what makes you turn into a friggin LASER?


You have PROBABLY heard about the benefits of omega 3’s. You hear it EVERYWHERE you turn! So, to be brief, it’s REALLY GOOD for your brain, your heart and just your overall health. Here’s a great article on Omega 3’s and how it’s good for your brain.

Vitamin B6

A main ingredient in the alpha levo iq. It basically increases your mental energy and prevents brain shrinkage. It is also one of those vitamins that are hard to get “naturally” so having it in supplement form will tremendously help aid in your brain power.

Vitamin B12

Just all the Vitamin B’s help you with focus. Vitamin B12 helps with attention and especially with ADHD, which is a very common today (maybe it is because a lack of vitamin B’s. Hmmm). Also helps with memory, dementia and depression.

Vitamin B Folate

Another vitamin B (told you Vitamin B’s were good for the brain!) that’s supposed to help with mind control power (just kidding).

Ginkgo Biloba

Fights off destruction of cognitive functions and also loss of memory.

Korean Ginseng Root

You’ve probably heard about this epic herb from Southeast Asia that’s supposed to be good for your health and makes you live until you 120 (just kidding, again). But seriously, it’s another ingredient that’s great for your focus.


Injects your brain with antioxidants and just good for you overall.

Huperzia Serrata

I can’t even pronounce this. But it’s an herb that helps with lucid dreaming (check this out if you don’t know what it is: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucid_dream) which is also good for memory improvement.


Another ingredient which I can’t pronounce. But THIS incredible herb helped treat rare diseases such as epilepsy, hysteria and other various brain disorders.

One con that I can think that Alpha Levo contains is a proprietary blend.

It contains a proprietary blend called FocusMaxtm attention which also, obviously, helps with brain power.

But other than that, it is just great stuff that WORKS. And of course Edge Bioactives is a FDA registered facility and in my opinion a very safe company.


What is a Nootropic or Brain Pill?

NCE or Neuro Cognitive Enhancer are supplements that are designed SPECIFICALLY to increase mental and cognitive function.

By taking these pills, you will get rid of “brain fog”, eliminate any memory problems and any other mental issues that you may be having.

Why does it work?

Well, because of the ingredients that I have listed above.

Of course, every nootropics are different, but they are also all similar in a way because most of them contain a lot of Vitamin B and also Omega 3’s which are extremely important in maintaining brain health.

And also one thing that I liike about Edge Bioactives Alpha Levo IQ is that is doesn’t contain any caffeine.

I get my caffeine from my tea and coffee and don’t need any help from a supplement, thank you very much.

And a big question that probably everyone is wondering?


Well, from my personal experience: YES.

BUT, you be your own judge and you be your own guinea pig. Try it out for yourself and see if it works for you. Don’t let anyone do your thinking for you.

Here is also a great article on do nootropics work.


Thanks for reading my Alpha Levo IQ Review guys! I hope I was able to help make a decision on purchasing the supplement or not.

BUT before you buy, let me just say that these pills are not MAGIC. You also need to combine these pills with a great lifestyle, a great diet, and a limited amount of alcohol (for your alcoholics out there).

AND if you have all of these, then these “limitless pills” will give you that EXTRA EDGE on focus and concentration.

Above all, TAKE ACTION and don’t just waste your superhuman brain just sitting around at home watching Netflix. DO GREAT WORK!

That’s all from me, I hope you enjoyed my reviews and best wishes to you and your endeavors.

Thanks a lot!

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