Hello all!Spartagen XT by Edge Bioactives

So, in today’s post, I want to share with you a product that I have been using myself, and must say that I like quite a bit.

It’s called Spartagen XT from Edge Bioactives

It is a supplement that you take to boost testosterone production, which has many, many, many benefits especially if you are a male.

All of the ingredients (more on that in a bit) are all natural too :).

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For the quick review version, take a look at what I didn’t like about the product and what I did LOVED about it.

What I LOVED about spartagen:


  • natural ingredients without any side effects
  • increasing muscle mass for all ages
  • definitely helped increase my sex drive and gave me harder boners
  • enhanced my energy levels through the ENTIRE day

What I disliked about it:


  • Not a one-stop pill. You probably need other supplements to increase muscle building even more
  • Will take some time to see effects. For me was around three weeks or so
  • Can only buy online and does not sell at local GNC’s or any other health and fitness stores.

So what is testosterone and how does it affect my life? Why would I want/need more of it?

Well putting it in layman’s terms, testosterone is a hormone. In fact, it is a hormone produced primarily in your balls (testicles, if you want a more technical term). It is essential to a male for the development of masculine characteristics such as facial hair, and muscle tone.

Testosterone also plays a big part in creating big muscles and healthy bones. With more of it you also get a more deeper and masculine voice and of course helps out your sex drive 🙂

Women do have this special hormone too, but of course in very small amounts.

Boosting testosterone shows evidence that it can lead to fat loss and building of muscle mass. You know like those lean, manly body figures you see in Hollywood movies (Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, etc)

And my favorite thing about testosterone boost is the ability to last longer in bed, get a rock hard erection, and create more of a sexual drive, so that I can have more sex with my lady :p

BUT, my main reason for taking Spartagen xt is for the energy and faster increase in muscle mass I get from the gym. It is pretty CRAZY, how pumped up (literally and figuratively) I get during and after my workouts. It is a night and day comparison.

Spartagen xt ingredientsnutritional facts of spartagen

Here’s a straight list of the main ingredients:

Korean Red Ginseng
Tongkat Ali
Tribulus Terrestris
Other vitamins and minerals

Here’s what they do to your body:

Chrysin: Helps the growth of your muscles in your body
Korean Red Ginseng: An ancient herb that dates back thousands of years. It is said that the older the herb, the more benefits you get from it. Ginseng helps you with mental and physical focus and boosts testosterone while improving your heart health, your immune system and enjoying a boost of energy.

Tongkat Ali: A special supplement that helps getting rid of the bind between testosterone and the hormone known as globulin. A great ingredient imported straight from Malaysia.

Maca: An herb from Peru that aids in the stoppage of turning valuable testosterone (I’ve probably said this word a thousand times) into estrogen.

Tribulus Terrestris: It stimulates luteinzing hormones to increase the overall testosterone in your body. This has been used for years to help people with prostate problems.

Zinc: Studies have shown that this is a key ingredient to testosterone production.

Lots of other vitamins and minerals to aid and balance each other in the best possible way to help you get more of that T out of your body 🙂

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Deadly Side Effects?


This Edge Bioactives products contains ingredients that are all natural so not only have I NEVER experienced any side effects, AND others who I’ve contacted using the product has never witness any side effects at all either.

So, in my humble opinion, it is COMPLETELY SAFE. (Disclaimer: this is only my opinion :)).

And it’s common sense that it is pretty safe. I mean all your taking are herbs, vitamins, and minerals. So don’t down the whole bottle in one sitting and you’ll be fine.

It also states on the bottle that is contains NONE of the following:

safe ingredients

Animal byproducts
Wheat products or gluten
Dairy or egg products
Peanuts, allergens or yeast
Lactose, sucrose or dectose
High fructose corn syrup
Testofen (I don’t even know what this is, but hey sounds bad to me)

Edge bioactives also produce their products in FDA registered facilities so no worries there either.

Did it work for me?

In one word:



I have noticed tremendous increases in energy and have built some muscle while going to the gym almost every day :).

Of course, my results won’t be your results, especially if you are being lazy and not going to the gym. Muscles aren’t going to build themselves you know.

But in a serious note, YES, it did work very well for me and I just now have extreme focus when I am working for hours on end.

I also have more sex drive and do with more often than when I didn’t take the supplement.

HOWEVER, do note that it did take about THREE weeks for me to feel the effects. I guess that’s the time it takes for the spartagen to flow through my body.

Final thoughts

Okay, I now everyone has this on their minds so I’m just going to bluntly say it. It will not work for you if other aspects of your life are out of whack. If you are completely overweight and out of shape, then I’m not sure if it will work very well. It might help a little, but it’ll definitely work better if you are generally in OK shape and have somewhat of good health.

Remember that spartagen xt is a SUPPLEMENT and not a miracle drug. You use it in ADDITION to a healthy lifestyle and a fitness regime.

So, if you are looking for a great ADD-ON to aid in your testosterone boost, then TAKE MASSIVE ACTION right now and get the product. They usually run out so hurry when you can! Thanks for reading my spartagen xt review. Hope you found it useful. Have a beautiful day 🙂

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